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Blog and Plumbing Tips from Ridgeway Mechanical

When you face a plumbing issue the first thing in many people’s mind is – Call the plumber! That’s something you are bound to say at some point as a homeowner, or even as a renter. Plumbing Emergencies are inevitable. Having the number of a plumber at your fingertips is necessary. You can rely on the Professional Plumbers at Ridgeway Mechanical for repair, replace or installation of any plumbing related items. They are skilled professionals with many years of experience and they have published some plumbing tips and other related topics, below, for you for those plumbing DIY heroes…

The Qualities of the Best Plumbing and Plumbers

Part of getting to your own place or moving to a new one is finding the best plumbing and plumbers. It may not seem like a priority to you now, but why wait until you drastically need one in an emergency? If you’re thinking ahead and wondering, “How do I find the best plumbers in my area?” We got you covered. Finding the [...]

How Much You Would Spend When You Call the Best Plumbers

A plumbing problem can be a nightmare to most homeowners because of the cost of professional plumbing services. Running toilets, leaking pipes, dripping faucets, and blocked drains are just some of the issues that make homeowners want to call the best plumbers. You can get a plumbing service for as low as $45 but sometimes you would spend over $200, and here’s why. [...]

How Can I Find an Affordable Plumbing Service That Won’t Rip Me Off?

Nobody likes spending more than they have to on anything, and that includes plumbing services. Fortunately, and with the help of the internet as well as some due diligence, it can be pretty easy to find affordable plumbing companies for the project in question. But that doesn’t always mean that you are finding the best money-saving plumber for the job. Some inexpensive plumbing contractors will [...]

5 Plumbing Tips That You Can Make to Save Money

While plumbing in itself is not considered a “DIY-friendly” industry, there are some adjustments that homeowners can make to save themselves some money on their utility bills. Large or complicated plumbing tasks, like water heater installation and water line repair, should be left to the professionals. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to cut your monthly costs and avoid [...]

The Most Common Emergency Plumbing Problems in Homes

Few household concerns are as stressful as the immediate need to care for emergency plumbing problems as they arise. These issues need to be repaired as quickly as possible to minimize water damage to your home and allow you to continue functioning as you normally would. There are a number of emergencies that can befall your plumbing system. Detailed below are the five most [...]

Our Top 6 Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Chances are, your garbage disposal endures quite a bit. Like any other fixture in your home that you will ever use, you need to put some focus on the regular maintenance and care for your garbage disposal. Otherwise, as it goes with most things, it can fall into disrepair, break, clog or malfunction in another way – leaving you without this handy appliance and [...]

How Hard Water Can Lead to Water Line Repair

Hard water is water that contains elements like magnesium and calcium, which are normally filtered out to produce what’s known as “soft water.” Water line repair experts see the damage caused by long-term use of hard water all of the time. These minerals can end up in the water through the soil or even through corroded pipes while bringing along a potential slew of [...]

How Plumbers Estimate the Cost of a Job

Sometimes, the way that plumbers price their projects can be a bit puzzling. You want to know exactly                            what you are paying for to ensure that you are getting a good value on the service you’re receiving. There are a host of factors that contribute to the overall cost of a plumbing job. You should be aware of what these factors are so that [...]

Ask a Plumber: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not a professional plumber yourself, the world of this industry could seem rather mystifying. After all, matters related to your water lines, water heaters and other plumbing in your home or office are typically far out of reach for the average do-it-yourselfer. When your plumbing systems are becoming problematic, it’s best to reach out to a professional plumbing contractor or company to [...]